Why G Suite for Education

1. Official Email Address

Your SCC Gmail can be used as your school official email address for learning website registration and external communication.

However, due to security concerns, students' SCC Gmail account can only receive internal emails and emails from white-listed senders. These sender includes learning website that teachers ask you to register (e.g. Scratch, AppInventor).

If students have to receive from outside sender for special reason (to enjoy software educational offer, to apply events that requires an official school email address), please fill this form to make a request.

Currently allowed external sender:

  • Teaching and Learning
    • Scratch (scratch.mit.edu)
    • Appinventor (appinventor.mit.edu)
    • Google.com
    • HKEdcity
    • typingclub.com
    • youtube.com
    • duolingo.com
    • aristo.com.hk
    • sketchup.com
    • support@lucidchart.com
    • Facebook Registration (registration@facebookmail.com)
    • Tinkercad (tinkercad.autodesk.com)
    • quizlet.com
  • Educational Offer
    • Autodesk.com
    • Digitalocean.com
  • Others
    • eClass notification
    • Academy of the Talented (talented@hku.hk)
    • Google Mail Delivery Subsystem (mailer-daemon@googlemail.com)
  • External Events and Competitions
    • HKOI (hkoi.org)
    • NOI (noi.cn)

2. Google Drive with unlimited capacity

  • No longer worry that you don't have enough cloud storage to store your learning materials, assignments and project files.
  • Setup a Team Drive with your teammates while working on a group project.
  • Teacher may share teaching materials through Google Drive.