How to Access my G Suite Account

  1. Remember your email address: (20xxyyy is your student ID). You will use this email address until you graduate from SCC.
  2. Go to (or any Google Applications like Gmail, Google Drive, ...)
  3. Login with your account
    • Username: your school email address ( )
    • Preset Password: YxxxMMDD
      • Yxxx is the English alphabet and first 3 digits of your HKID number. For example, if your HKID number is Y123456(1), you should use Y123
      • MMDD is your birthday. For example, if your birthday is 14/2, you should use 0214
      • Therefore, for a students born on 14/2 with HKID number Y123456(1), the preset password is Y12340214
  4. You will be asked to change your password upon the first login