Frequently Asked Questions

Access Your G Suite Account

  1. What is my username?
    • Your username is (where 20xxyyy is your SCC student ID)
  2. How to login my G Suite account?
    • Go to and click Sign in on the top right corner.
    • Or login with your username and password whenever you are asked for a Google account.
  3. What is the security requirement of my password?
    • Your password length should be 8 or above.
  4. How to change my password?
  5. Why am I asked for Employee ID when I login? What is it?
    • Sometime you will be asked for an alternative login authentication to your account. Options include a 6-digits SMS code to your mobile, click specific icon on your Android phone, or an Employee ID.
    • If you are asked for your Employee ID, please enter your birthday in YYYYMMDD format (e.g. 20040124)

Limitation on Your G Suite Account

  1. You can only send email to SCC email addresses (i.e. email address end with While you can receive email from any sender.
  2. You can share your Google Drive file and folder to SCC accounts only. If you need to share something public, please contact Mr Wong Yiu Hon.
  3. You cannot forward email from school email account to your personal email account (due to limitation 1 above).